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Past Life Regression – Therapist Training. “Pre-Talk” lecture from Udemy course Entertainment 

Past Life Regression – Therapist Training. “Pre-Talk” lecture from Udemy course

This is the ‘Pre-Talk” lecture from the Udemy course “Past Life Regression – Therapist Training”.

This is one of 57 lectures in a 5 hour online video course. Get it on Udemy for $10 using code PLRT10 –

The course is a step by step method to take your clients though a complete program of past life regression sessions.

This course has all the resources you need to complete a program of Past Life Regression Therapy sessions, from the first step to the last.

A manual is included, so you can print out a word for word guide to use in each session.

I give a commentary so you know why you are doing it, what not to do, and all the variations of reactions you can get from your clients.

1) Interview, pre-talk and hypnotic or non-hypnotic inductions

2) Scripts for three Past Life Regression Therapy sessions that you can use word for word, with a beginning (hypnosis, age regression and initial past life entry), middle (past life insights from past lives), to the end (formal final therapeutic resolutions.)

3) Scripts to apply resolutions to the top past life applications, so you have eight key applications with variations – so it’s twenty case studies that give you the principles to resolve the sessions.

What are the requirements?

There are no prerequisites. This is a complete course with every step you need. It’s up to you if you use it for general interest, personal growth, or to put the methodology into practice with clients.
This course is likely most applicable to those with some form of therapeutic, health or wellness training, so they can put it into practice with their clients.

What am I going to get from this course?

Take clients through a complete program of past life regression sessions.
Conduct client interviews, set expectations, give pre-talks and deal with FAQs.
Use guided meditation, hypnotic inductions and rapid inductions to access the subconscious.
Use age regression, incremental regression, affect bridge and other techniques to enter past lives.
Navigate efficiently through one past life, and though multiple past lives.
Provide full therapeutic resolutions, based on a number of techniques, with examples from case studies.
Recognise and apply therapy to the most common issues clients bring to PLRT.

What is the target audience?
Anyone with a general interest in past lives and past life regression therapy (PLRT).
Therapists wanting to manage their clients spontaneous past life experiences.
Therapists wanting to offer past life regression therapy sessions to their clients.
Therapists who already have PLRT training, and want a refresher or a fresh perspective.

Get it on Udemy for $10 using code PLRT10 –


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