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How to create a successful Udemy course 7 tips Education 

How to create a successful Udemy course 7 tips

How to create a successful Udemy course.7 tips
The online course has come a long way and is now an essential way of our leaning
The most successful course creators know that seeing results for their business,
depends on delivering an exceptional learning experience to their audience.
By teaching your topic, you are leaving no doubt to the user
that you know what you’re talking about.
You’re good at what you do and an expert in your field.
Your passion for your subject will show!
Create Magnetic and Compelling Learning Outcomes
Don’t underestimate the importance of learning outcomes.
If you don’t do this for your online courses
you could severely risk your reputation,
and make the course creation process a frustrating one.
Your users must know what they will be getting
otherwise they will not hand over their money.
Just because you know what your course will give your students,
it does not mean that they will know.
If your students don’t know HOW your course is going to help them,
they are unlikely to enroll in it.
Let the user know what they will be able to do,
what they will know and feel by the end of your course.
What skills will they be able to demonstrate after taking your course?
What new knowledge will they have obtained?
What feelings will they have moved away from or to?
Having clear learning outcomes also ensures that only the RIGHT students
are joining your course , which means higher completion and satisfaction rates
and lower refund requests.
Select and Gather your Course Content
The main reason we get stuck here is because we often don’t know
what stuff we need to leave out as well as what to include.
We have so much information in our heads our books,
or on our hard drives and notepads.
As you are sorting through your piles of content,
throw out anything that does not directly relate
to achieving a learning outcome.
Only include content that answers your audience’s burning questions,
or fills gaps not met by your competitors.

Structure Your Modules and Course Plan
Take a look at your content and start grouping together your similar themes,
tips, and ideas into modules and then ordering the lectures within those modules
into the most progressive and logical manner,
so that they form a flowing sequence of lessons.
Decide the Most Engaging and Effective Delivery Methods for Each Lesson
Be aware of the different methods of adult learning
and all of the different ways that you can deliver your course.
Will you have videos, reading content, activities and audio content?
Make sure that everyone is engaged and provided with the optimum learning experience.
Filming, Recording and Editing your Online Course
This is the production phase.
By now you should have a course plan, Now it’s time for the fun part – getting on camera..
At present the most effective method of delivery is video.
This could be ‘talking head’ video which is when you are in the shot on camera.
You could also have ‘green screen’ talking head videos.
Another method is called screencasting
which is when you are recording your computer screen.
You can choose to include a webcam type video of yourself on top of this.
You can learn how to edit your videos very easily yourself
Try out a piece of software called Camtasia.
This allows you to quickly cut edit replace your green screen,
fix your sound, add logos, text and pop-ups to your videos,
save them as an mp4 and then upload them to your online learning system.
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