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Udemy & Skillshare Instructor answers 11 Questions about Online Advertising People & Blogs 

Udemy & Skillshare Instructor answers 11 Questions about Online Advertising

Hi everyone, this is a Q&A video which includes the answers to some of the questions that I have received on different platforms from my students. I hope that this video will help you solve some doubts and provide you with some useful information.

Thanks to everyone who are taking my classes, asking questions and supporting my work. Let me know if you have any other questions for the future videos 🙂

11 questions from the video:

1. When you do split testing on Facebook can you test more than one variable?

2. Why would anyone use Bing or Yahoo Ads when Google owns 90% of the search engine market?

3. How does retargeting work in general? Facebook or Google doesn’t matter

4. Do other social media websites also run ads and does anybody actually advertises there? I am referring to Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest, LinkedIn…

5. Should you have 10 ad sets at $50/day or one ad set at $500 with the same targeting in Facebook ads?

6. Why don’t my Facebook link clicks or conversions match Google Analytics clicks or conversions?

7. If you were satisfied with the certain campaign e.g. 3 months ago, how smart is it to run the same campaign again? And is that even possible? Will the metrics performance get worse?

8. What is the purpose of that 1st out of the 3 columns in Facebook ads manager that refers to brand awareness and reach? And what is the difference between brand awareness and reach objective?

9. Can you and what is the benefit of adding AdWords data to Google Analytics?

10. Should you bother with SEO if you are running search ads in Google Ads? Or if you are positioned as number 1 on Google Search, should you pay for Google Ads?

11. How will social media look like in the future?

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