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Udemy Review: 3 Reasons You Should Make Udemy Course Howto & Style 

Udemy Review: 3 Reasons You Should Make Udemy Course

Udemy is great if you just want to make an online course but don’t know how to market yourself yet. Before you dive into making your course, be sure Udemy is the right fit for you.
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Table of Contents:
0:03 – Intro
0:19 – Disclaimer
0:39 – Tech Free
1:41 – Exposure
3:24 – Market Test
4:09 – Recommendations
4:59 – Outro

Udemy Review: 3 Reasons You Should make Udemy Course

Online Business Idea: Make Money With Udemy

Are you thinking of making a Udemy Course?

You have tons of knowledge, and you hope your course to be something helpful and successful?

If you may want to be a Udemy Instructor and want to have a clear picture of what to do to make a successful Udemy Course, this video is for you.

I will also discuss the things you should consider if youI should even do it.

In this Udemy review I will talk about the 3 reasons you should ever even consider spending your time and money to post a course to Udemy.

There’s a lot of disadvantages on using Udemy and I advocate for using YouTube or your own membership site for creating your content.

If you already have a course created or don’t know how to make a Udemy course, Udemy is the place to go. You can be up and running with your course in just a few weeks and not have to deal with the headaches of setting up a sales process and membership site to protect your content.

Why even consider Udemy?

One of the ways Udemy can be helpful to your online business is that it can give you social credibility. You’re looking for a quick way to position yourself as an expert in your niche.

Having a well-made website also increase your credibility and increase the chance of your students buying your course since they think that you are a professional instructor.

YouTube is great and should be a part of your strategy, but similar to being an “author” being able to say you have thousands of students can give your personal brand immediate credibility and validation.

I will share with you my Udemy experience and what you can learn from it on this review so you can know how to make a Udemy course. Learn why I wouldn’t use Udemy again. But I think given how Udemy has evolved, you can use YouTube as a way to generate traffic to your Udemy course.

Failure to meet Udemy’s technical requirement is one of the worst mistakes one can make. This resulted in a waste of time and effort, which will definitely delay your project and waste your resources also.

If you have not decided yet with your market or audience, Udemy is great place to quickly test your content. If you plan on making multiple courses, then this can be a good market test for the content; not the marketing/sales.

If you don’t know how to make a Udemy course, there are much better alternatives to Udemy when it comes to sharing your content, and the best Udemy alternative is YouTube. YouTube is a much better place to make free content, connect with potential customers and they don’t suppress your ability to build your own email list.

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